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      Changzhou QunChuang Electrical Co. Ltd.,founded by experts in NTC field in 2006,mainly specializes in manufacturing & developing NTC thermistors,temperature sensors and related products. Export has been dominating its sales and 80% of the products has been exported since 2006,70% of it to Australia,Denmark,Sweden,USA and Japan.
      NTC thermistors and temperature sensors, developed & produced indigenously and elaborately with combined techniques of advanced modern ceramic & precision semiconductor,have high reliabilities and surprising coherences. Coupled with circuit components,NTC thermistors and temperature sensors can be made of temperature switches, temperature control devices,temperature measurements, time delay devices.Having the virtues ofsmall,precision,stability & quick ...
      Various products including non-standard ones can be customized upon the requests of the clients.
    >High cost performance  >Product performance is stable 

    Changzhou Qunchang Electronical Co.,Ltd.
    E-mail:tina@qc-parts.com   info@qc-parts.com
    Website: http//www.qkjer.com
    Address:BLDG 2, NO.18 Qingjiang Rd.,Xinbei DIST.,Changzhou Jiansu,China
    Copyright @ 2018 . All rights reserved. Changzhou QunChuang Electrical Co. Ltd.
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